Public Speaking

Keynotes, Moderator, Interviews, Guest Lecture, and Emcee appearances in the areas of:

Contemporary Dance History (Rearranging Narratives)
Dance and Visual Culture in Modernity
Dance and Body Image (Age, Shape, and Shade)
White Positionality in Contemporary Arts (purported proximity of contemporaneity to whiteness)
White Fragility/Guilt/Saviour Complex in the Arts


Curation & Programming

Events: Administration and curation for presentations and festivals

Program Development: Strategic visioning and project management

Curation & Programming highlights:


Embodied Group Work: team building, workshops, physical expression. When minds are busy and distracted; creating space for embodied practices allows ourselves to ground and connect in a different way. Embodiment work supports clarity and focus in both individual and group processes. Workshops can range from introspective to playful according to context.

Private Instruction: Individualized attention to functional movement and locomotion principles, investigating postural structures from an experiential perspective. Hourly rates.